Window Tint Laws By State Chart 2018

Window tint laws by state chart 2018 We have compiled the following reference for your convenience but for the most up to date tinting laws check with your local law enforcement agency. Stick to it window tinting 602 439 9500 1507 w joan de arc ave phoenix az 85029.

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Window tinting laws vary from state to state and province to province.

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Window Tint Percentage Laws In The Us By State

These are the terms you need to know in order to interpret the various state laws and limits.

State window tinting rules laws chart. At windowtintlaws us it is our aim to not only provide you with up to date window tint laws by state but we also want to help you pick the right tint brand learn the benefits of tinting your windows find a reputable window tint shop near you and even teach you how to diy your window tint if you are feeling ambitious. Ctx window tint llumar window tint law in the wilmington nc how dark is a 30 window tint quora tinted car windows here are the new maxpro filmsexle of tint darkness percenes car tinting lawswindow tint darkness chart vlt exles car lawwindow tinting medford oregon advanced tintautomotive and mercial window tinting vanhorn tint accessoriescar window.

Visible light transmission is the measurement used to assess automotive window tints. Us state law chart 2020 texas window tinting standards addendum the summary chart of state aftermarket tint law information is not a legal document it is the result of independent research using several sources of public state documents. Us state window tint laws chart author.

In the chart you will find exact information on what s the percentage of tint allowed for every car window in your vehicle. 6 22 2018 2 13 32 pm. Carolina 95 net as1 32 32 any 32 any 20 20 r a y yes no no no.

New mexico 97 net as1 or 5 20 20 any 20 any none none n a yes yes spec driver yes new york 91 net 6 70 70 any any any nr nr n a yes no spec all no n. This is the percent of visible light that gets through either the film film vlt or window plus film net vlt. The lower the vlt the darker the tint.

There are a number of things to consider when looking at the first legal limits of window tinting. Tinted windows law by state. State window tinting laws for safety each state sets limits on the visible light transmission vlt that must be allowed to pass through car window film.

The first is where you live. Before you decide to tint the windows of your vehicle check out the tint laws applicable in your state to make sure you won t get a ticket for that. We will cover some general conventions in the usa with by state breakdown in our chart below but particular states or even counties can have their own laws concerning the topic.

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