Ball Speed To Club Head Speed Chart

Ball speed to club head speed chart Many golf professionals are able to generate high club speeds through their form and method of striking the ball. The others range in the 240 265 range but are always in p.

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A swing speed of 110 1 mph yields a ball speed of 161 48 mph. Using stats from the 2020 pga tour i was able to determine the approximate conversion rate between swing speed or club head speed and the ball speed of the golf ball when it leaves the face of your club. Although the optimum method to measure golf club speed is through using technology at a golf training or practice facility many golfers do not have the access or money to have their club speed.

Generate ball speed of 131 56 mph by swinging at 89 7 mph. Swing speed can be defined as how fast the golf club is traveling when it strikes the ball. About 1 out of 5 of my drives go this far when hit well.

Wed feb 27 2019 by chris finn over the past four years at par4success we have been working with and testing juniors amateurs professionals and senior golfers in the state of north carolina and throughout the country. The smash factor is the ratio of your club head speed to ball speed and therefore a measure of how efficient or how clean the impact was. Golf club head speed is the biggest determinant of how far a golf ball will travel.

What kind of club head speed is needed to achieve a 280 yard drive. Ball speed will always be faster than club speed due to transference of momentum from the heavy head of the golf club to the lighter high energy ball. If the average amateur had the same 2 58 yards mph driving efficiency as the average pga tour player he would average 240 yards drive instead of only 214 yards drive.

This is based on average stats over the 2020 pga tour season. Ball speed is how fast the ball is traveling just after it leaves the face of the club after being struck. Club head speed by age group.

Assuming a solid strike the speed of the ball will always be higher than the golf swing speed due to the additional mass the driver head possesses compared to. Golf ball speed to swing speed conversion chart. In other words if you strike the ball cleanly and in the middle of the head the head speed will translate almost directly into ball speed.

Swing the club at 99 6 mph to produce a ball speed of 146 08 mph. From the chart above it is reasonable to expect a good club head speed for a male golfer to be above 90 mph as this would be the typical range for a non professional golfer who can carry the ball over 200 yards consistently. As you can see striking the ball consistently solid will help get you more distance out of your club head speed and improve your driving efficiency.

The senior tour numbers were calculated by taking the 2012 mean driving distance of 273 4 yards per drive on the senior tour and back calculating the other numbers based on the pga tour s average driving efficiency of 2 58 yards per mph of club head speed.

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