Evaporative Cooler Air Temperature Relative Humidity Chart

Evaporative cooler air temperature relative humidity chart The air supplied by the evaporative cooler is generally 80 90 relative humidity and can cause interior humidity levels as high as 65. The relative humidity of the primary air approaches 83.

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The result is fresh cool air from the front of the evaporative cooler.

The humidity we usually hear about in weather forecasts is relative humidity. The following chart summarizes the amount of temperature decreased in the premises by the c2india evaporative air cooler. Air at state a with dry bulb temperature 30 o c and relative moisture 60 state a is cooled down to state b by a.

This is the temperature you can expect to achieve with your. Evaporative coolers work best in hot arid regions with low dew points and relative humidity and they function poorly if at all in humid regions. Portacool evaporative coolers can drop the air temperature up to 30 f when the air is very dry such as arid climates of the southwest where relative humidity is typically 30 or less.

This will take us to a point b on the wet bulb temperature line. With 100 humidification of the secondary air the dry bulb temperature of the primary air approaches 70 o f. It depends on the relative humidity and temperature of the ambient air.

That said even in hot and humid areas such as houston you can still expect to achieve a 10 f 13 f drop in temperature. If we say that the evaporative cooler is 90 efficient then the process will take place over 90 of the distance from point a up towards the saturation line 100 relative humidity. Very humid air reduces the evaporation rate of moisture from the skin nose lungs and eyes.

According to how stuff works relative humidity is the ratio of the current absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity which depends on the current air temperature. Temperature relative humidity and dew point are all important quantities for an evaporative cooler and an evaporative cooler humidity chart is a must before considering purchasing one. Conditions of air.

If you take a measurement of the air temperature and relative humidity in your town you can use this chart to determine if you have optimal conditions to run an evaporative cooler just find the intersection of temperature on the right and relative humidity across the top to the number on the grid where both measurements meet. Point b represents the conditions of the air leaving the evaporative cooler. For example under the temperature of 35 c and the relative humidity of outside air 50 the air in the premises will be cooled to 28 5 c drop of.

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